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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Henry Out Enjoying Rio, Stops For Fans, Photobombs Armie

Image: Helim22

jmagilton7: "Lucky enough to bump into #HenryCavill outside the #CopacabanaPalace tonight. Really nice guy, now go see the Man From U.N.C.L.E! #Superman"

The press tour may have ended but Henry is still in Rio tonight, and earlier he met with fans.

Enjoy the time you have left in Brazil, Solo!

jmagilton7: "This one will have to do until the real photo arrives! #Superman #ClarkKent #HenryCavill"

@Alejais: "I'm very happy!"

vicstelling: "So I went out because my friends made my mind thinking "I may find Tove Lo there." Because she's in Rio and than, surprise bitch! U find the Super Man! *-* #Superman #batmanvsuperman #Brazil #Brasil #RioDeJaneiro #henrycavill"

UPDATE: It looks like Solo and Illya had a blast! - Now that's the way to wrap a press tour :p

thisisechambers: "Happiness is us at 4 in the morning. #Brazil #closerto5than4#dancedallnight"

armiehammer: "It was actually 4:30.... @thisisechambers ・・・ Happiness is us at 4 in the morning. #Brazil #closerto5than4 #TheManfromUNCLE"

Per E Online Brazil:

Oh joy!

Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer came to Brazil to promote the The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and they're taking advantage of their time off. Henry, who visited The Sugarloaf wearing the Brazilian national soccer team shirt, was spotted with Armie in the early hours of Wednesday, 26, in a bar in Rio de Janeiro.

Both were accompanied by the team who came to publicize the film. Armie had his wife Elizabeth Chambers with him.

Pics: AG News

These last three pics come via the Daily Mail, where you can read their coverage of Henry's trip to Brazil.


  1. Beautiful pics...Thanks for sharing, J Magilton & HCN
    Henry...<3 <3 <3 U

  2. Nice pics.

    Can't wait to hear Henry's comments on report that WB is not doing more MOS solo films.

  3. Don't have a problem with WB's change of direction. Gives Henry the chance to move on and pursue other films. Bond? Maybe start up Stratton again. So many leading man roles this now opens up to him as he won't have year long commitments to MOS.

    1. Isn't Dominic West starring in Stratton? Don't know if he's still producing it or leaving his brother to that or what. Don't think MOS rumor is legit; only one source was cited multiple times. And I doubt he'll get bond; producers tend to pick actors who don't have a blockbuster franchise on their belt. They want something lesser known.


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