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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Superhero Showdown: Who Will Blink First?

UPDATE: THR says the Marvel film going up against Man of Steel 2 will be Captain America 3. Fun times ahead. READ MORE.

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When Warner Bros. decided to set the new Man of Steel 2 release date for May 6, 2016 -- it was on! Marvel had already chosen the date for one of its unnamed films, and now Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says they are not backing down:

We're certainly keeping the date there and we'll announce what that movie is, I assume, in the next few months.”

So what now? - you can read the breakdown of what different sites think will happen next, by clicking on their link. Screen Rant // Latino Review

The Wrap talked to Boxoffice.com about this latest confrontation between rival studios. This is what their expert had to say:

“If a film is strong enough, it doesn't matter when you open it,” “The idea that you have to open every superhero tentpole film between May and July is outdated and it hurts the marketplace.”

Read the rest. Also don't miss Metro UK's five reasons why Batman vs. Superman will be a success.
As for us, we trust in the box office power of the fans. Angel sent us this drawing that his five-year-old son drew for him. He's in preschool and already a huge Superman fan. We got you covered Man of Steel ;)


  1. In the end one will move in my opinion. They are playing chicken right now. Until Marvel announces their film for May 6 and how production goes on BvsS, it's hard to say who blinks.

  2. Meh. It doesn't matter. I'd be surprised if anyone blinks. DC have already announced and Marvel have pretty big box office balls right now, and rightly so.

    Depending on what film Marvel is releasing (if anything specific is even in mind - I suspect they've just booked the date "just in case"), I'll just go see both. Like most people.

    If you have a good film/entertaining movie, I'll go see if - Marvel or DC/DC or Marvel. I don't care.

    In the end the only folks who need to worry about this kind of stuff is those who are getting paid to figure out their studio's release schedule.

  3. Cap 3 will take on Batman vs Superman. One studio is going to blink. This is crazy. If Cap 2 is a big as tracking indicates, WB is crazy to go up against the next one.



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