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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hinting At Costume Reveal? Not So Fast Says Michael Wilkinson

Fan poster: jessicabrooke25 (IG)

The twitter world has been abuzz, ever since costume designer Michael Wilkinson tweeted this cryptic message over the weekend.

Many read it as a teaser for a rumored imminent release of new costume photos for Batman vs. Superman. But last night Wilkinson clarified what he really meant, joking with us about the misunderstanding.

Sooooo.. what's the verdict?? We think he's right! -- consider us on #CostumeRevealWatch. We promised we'd bring you more from Wilkinson's conversation with Bobi Garland last week at LACMA, and here it is. In this clip the Batman vs. Superman designer answers some fan-submitted questions. There is a great moment at about 1:17 when he talks about the "learning curve" for designing superhero costumes.  

Photo: Brianne Gillen

Another highlight was when the designer talked about creating a "muscle suit" to use as a base for the Man of Steel costume. Wilkinson said it's not exactly a fun process for the actor, because they basically had to ask Henry to "take off all his clothes" so they could get a full body digital scan.     

Photo: Brianne Gillen

You can read a lot more on what Wilkinson discussed about the Man of Steel suit over at Tyranny of Style. If you are in LA, you can see his costumes up close and for free through April 26 at the FIDM


  1. <3 Michael...<3 Henry...<3 HCN. Thanks for sharing...Let me know if Henry needs help with any Fittings cause I'd just be more than happy to Lend A Helping Hand. :D

  2. That "muscle suit" technology is AMAZING! I can't believe we have that technology now for designers. Mr. Wilkinson was very nice to provide a quick interview. He is truly a talented artist! Can't wait to see the new costumes!


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