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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Treat: Gracious Henry, Happy Fans

Ever since we started this blog, our focus has been on highlighting fan stories. We've always been very proud of supporting Henry, because we know he takes the time to connect with his fans. Below are some great fan pictures we hadn't posted. If you own any of them please let us know so we can properly credit you (they weren't linked back to the source). If you've met Henry and want to share your story and pics, email us at henrycavillnews@gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you!

theofacchini (IG): Just hanging out with Superman...no big deal. #superman #henry #cavill #stud #manofsteel #mancrush

THAT trip was awesome! - it's when Henry went country as he visited Calgary for his brother's wedding last summer. Don't miss the rest of the fan pics from there --> 1/2/3/4. Legendary. 

Sarah met Henry in London in 2012. On the street. We wish!

Catherine met him at a Dunhill event. Check out the videos from that campaign. HOT. 

As soon as Henry arrived in Sydney ahead of the Man of Steel premiere there, he was out and about and hanging out with fans. Another night to remember. See all the other lucky fans who got to meet him that night. 

While Henry was preparing for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. outside of London, several fans approached him for a pic at his hotel one night. That's Hana in the top photo and Gareth below. You can see the pics of Henry with Hana's kids in our post from that day.  

It's the sweater that keeps on giving! - another great pic from the Man of Steel screening in LA last year. Thanks Nick! - see the rest. 

Jeff shared this pic after meeting Henry in 2011. Looks like they had a great time!

Jen met him in 2012. She wrote in her post: "Henry Cavill aka superman and I just chilln : )" 

There's that smile that lights up a room! - Mark shared this pic of his kids meeting Henry at last year's Comic-Con. We were at the Q&A and have PLENTY for you to see from that day. All in this post.

Kaitlin, Tyler, & Sue also met him backstage that day. Thanks for sharing guys!

Check out this lucky group. They got to meet Henry AND Antje while they filmed Man of Steel. (via Anne).

From Superman to the Duke of Suffolk (kinda like he looks right now actually). Gemma and Ash met Henry while he filmed the 4th season of The Tudors. Not jealous. Not at ALL. 

Seriously. We LOVED this day. It was Henry being sweet and hanging out with tons of fans on a summer day in London. What else can you ask for. That's our Man of Steel.

What a night. Don't miss the rest of the photos 1/2/3/4. Trust us ;)

Henry has already met plenty of fans in Detroit, as he prepares for Man of Steel 2. We can't wait to bring you more fan encounters and updates from the different sets. Let us know if you run into Superman!


  1. Beautiful pics...and what starts out as a Fan Photo...could end up pumpin him hard into the night. You never know... <3 Henry

  2. Hello Hi This Is Your Henry Cavill so My Name Is Curtis Goodwin So I'm Deaf Me Yeah so How Are You Doing Smile Ugh ?

  3. Henry Cavill & Curtis N. Goodwin Smile !


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