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Monday, March 17, 2014

Illinois Filming Update, Green Screen Meeting: We're Ready For You Superman!

Started the day with a lengthy green screen meeting.

When Man of Steel 2 cinematographer Larry Fong shared this update, our hearts couldn't help but skip a beat.. after all these are the images that come to mind.

And yes, this one too.. and most definitely these.

We can't wait to see Fong's work on the big screen, hopefully he keeps sharing updates from Detroit. With just weeks to go until the beginning of filming, we're slowly getting a better picture of what's to come. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that filming outside of Yorkville, Illinois will now take place in mid-May.

UPDATE 3/20: The newspaper has updated the story, with confirmation from the Illinois Film Office director that the sequel will *tentatively* film in the Yorkville area in the fall.

Lauren has been bringing us exclusive pictures and updates from that set, that at last check appeared ready to go. Look for more details as filming gets closer.

Up until last week we really liked Anthony Mackie, really did... until this interview with Access Hollywood at the premiere of the Captain America sequel (at about :30).

"Superman is kind of a square.. I always wished Superman was a brother.."

Whatever Mackie. Let's see who rules the box office in 2016 ;) 


  1. Henry Cav-El <3 <3 <3

  2. Poor Superman - he gets little respect from the GP. Hope Mr. Cavill makes Superman cool again in Batman vs Superman. After this next film, whatever Mr. Cavill chooses to do I totally support.

  3. Personally, I believe Henry Cavill has increase Superman's popularity already. Mr. Cavill is amazing, and charming. actor. His dedication to his physical training for the part was inspirational. In the beginning of the year, The Comic Vine website held its first comic book movie awards. The voting were fan-based. Cavill's Superman won for Best Superhero of the Year. He beat Hemsworth's Thor and Downey's Iron Man.

    Also, I am sick and tired of "Everyone counting their chicks before they hatch." I refer to Captain America III movie. How can they expect it to beat MOS II if Captain America II hasn't come out yet. We don't know how much CA II will make at the box office. The first Captain America movie made less money compare to the rest of Marvel movies. Captain America did well in domestic box office, but not so well internationally. It is most likely due to anti-American sentiment in some countries.

    Finally, I have a theory that Marvel announced CA III to go head to head with MOS II, in order to hype CA II movie that is coming out. For months, the rumor was that Doctor Strange would be release that day but now it is CA III. Please, the script hasn't been written yet. Have a nice day.

  4. I rank Cavill right after Reeve as the best ever Superman. Hope he blows us away in Batman vs Superman. What he does or doesn't do after that is just speculation. Batman vs Superman has to do huge for WB to make more DC films. Even if they don't, Cavill will do just fine.

  5. Granted, Anthony spoke out of turn, but Superman can be any race a person imagines them to be. It's no sin even though there are a lot of people who treat it that way. Black super heroes are still treated as second class in some cases. So, if a guy feels like he can relate more to Superman if he was black, then let him feel that way. It shouldn't affect how you guys of the HC staff or anyone else sees superman. I could care less what race Superman or even Batman is so long as they represent what a great hero is.

    Again, Anthony spoke out of turn. He may even try tried to be funny, but whether people agree or not, he has a right to feel that. I find it highly hypocritical that people won't stop liking a person if they had said that they would have liked superman to be gay, but God forbid if Superman was ever black. People need to grow up an realize what year and century we live in.

    I've been an avid supporter of this blog for a while now, but if someone making a comment about Superman's race cause a blog to not like a person because they spoke out if turn, yet spoke their opinion, then being black myself, that tells me that maybe I'm not welcomed here for the simple fact that I'll like superman no matter what race he is. His race doesn't define his greatness. Who he is as a person does.

  6. Blackessence, I think this more a hypersensitivity and seeing comments about Supermn/MOS as somehow criticism of HC. MOS did not perform as well as was expected and, with the shakeup that followed, a lot of people have doubts about Batman vs Superman. So the film has a lot of negative buzz right now. It's not directed per se against HC, but some fans take it that way. They shouldn't.

  7. Can someone please tell me when this became a race issue? Personally, I am confused.

  8. I'm moving in with Cav-El...so I can help Him in his Stand Off against Batman... :< (y)

  9. black people cant look up to someone if there white because that'd be ridiculous
    never understood that I look up to some black characters / people and I'm white

  10. It's just playful banter about superheroes between an interviewer and an actor. Gain a sense of humor and lighten up.


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