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Friday, March 14, 2014

Yes, Our "Infinite" Crush Continues To Grow..

It's no secret that we've been crushing on 'Infinite Crisis' Superman, ever since we realized: 

a) He's SUPER hot, c'mon.. look at him.. can't deny it.

b) He was most DEFINITELY designed, based on Henry's Man of Steel

c) The game is as real as it can get and Superman kicks some SERIOUS butt.

But apart from that little obsession of ours, we've also been mulling over a few things we noticed. What IF this is what the new suit will kinda look like.. you saw that alleged leaked Batman costume pic (no we're not linking it). It had metal and stuff. Michael Wilkinson did also tell us the reason he's tweaking the costume is to "suit the cinematic universe even better," and what about the rumored curl?.. yup, he's got it! - either way we should learn soon enough, with pics of the Batman vs. Superman costumes expected to be released any day now. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the new online game that you can now try out for FREE. The Hollywood Reporter explains a little bit more about it - then let us know how we get to the Mega-hot Man of Steel up there. Hey, we never claimed we were gamers.  


  1. To the Staff: ET Canada website is holding a contest for Hottest Actor of 2014. It is being determine by fan votes. Henry Cavill is in the third round. His competition includes Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, and others. Maybe your staff can pass the word. Thanks

    1. Yes, we've been RTing it, every time he advances. Thank you!

  2. Henry Cavill my favourite actor <3 <3 <3

  3. I <3 Henry No Matter What He Wears...

    1. I think I would have to see the new Superman Costume on to have a real strong opinion. I will say however that I like the new updated Superman costume in that it adds extra style and flash (it's pretty), BUT...I think I prefer the original in some ways in that it looks more like it is part of his Body--and not a Costume. Know what I mean? It is as powerful as possible, but yet surprisingly somewhat understated. We want Him to look like an authentic
      Alien--that this power comes from within--not from what he is wearing.

      Additionally...the collar helps to protect against wind, but I don't know if is necessary because we want to see his neck...and the chords and veins that pop out in it. And the red belt with accentuated gold "buckle" is cool and looks nice as well--BUT...it also kind of makes it look more like a superhero costume instead of part of his body because it disrupts the flow of his lines/cuts his vertical line in half. I like his blue reptile alien skin look without it. I do appreciate why they were added though 8-) and that is very nice. :) ;)

      I don't think extra lines for veins should be drawn on it either (unless it looks like his real veins popping out)...just let it appear that his body only is showing through as much as possible...that those muscles are real. That's why he looked incredible in it.

      I hope that doesn't sound too critical because I love Michael Wilkinson and the creative costume team and think they are very talented...and I know they feel the need to compete with Batman's costume (which has more gadgetry/higher tech.) by adding flash and upgrading Superman's as well, but the thing is...Kal-El Superman has to own the suit--not the other way around. It shouldn't compete to overpower him. His body and natural beauty is the main thing here to see--not his costume. IMO.

      I hope this sounds more like a compliment than a criticism because it is. I thought Superman's suit was PERFECT the first time in Man of Steel. (y) :) I will say the bottom line is...that Henry likes it...because he's the one wearing it. And so ultimately...if he wanted to put a Hello Kitty on his cape...I'd be fine with it.


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