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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Post-Holiday Blues: The Fan Pic Cycle In Gifs

This is the post where we blame Henry for our misery. Yup, he's been SO awesome with his fans all year long, that when a week *or three* go by without any new pictures we basically start having withdrawals. Thanks for spoiling us Superman!

In our desperation quest to fill the time between photos, we've come up with "The 5 stages of waiting for a new Henry Cavill pic to hit." In gifs.

Henry with a fan as he wrapped up his vacation last weekend.

1) Joy: A new Henry fan pic pops up on social media and you can't contain your excitement, exhilaration, and Taylor Swift-like giddiness. Life is good.

2) Contentment:  A few days have passed and you still can't stop smiling. Everything is right with the world.

3) Withdrawal: You start eating too much junk food (no? just us?) as you begin to wonder when the next pic will hit. The uneasiness starts sinking in.  

4) Despair: We do it quietly.. Ally Sheedy-style. #'80sHipLikeThat

But then, you know..

5) Non-gif SOS: You turn to social media for help, because what else are you supposed to do as you wait for the next pic to hit but reach out to the internet for support. Yeah, that bad.   

We sure hope Henry is enjoying his holiday break, but if you happen to run into him, we wouldn't mind if you shared your photo.. any time now.. xx 


  1. Henry was spotted in LA on sunday night at club sharing a drink with a fan (as per her facebook). Apparently she wasn't aware who henry cavill was at that time...until her friends told her later. Bet she's kicking herself now. :)

    guess she's kicking herself now. Lucky girl

  2. The last boy has so beautiful eyes. I love them so much.


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