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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015: Let's Get This Show On The Road, Henry Cavill!

The new year is almost here, and as we look ahead to Stratton, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Batman v Superman promo, we also want to bid goodbye to the awesome moments we're leaving behind.

Our Best of 2014 wrap, begins with your choices for Best Fan Picture & Best Surprise of the Year..

Alora took on the babies for 'Best Fan Picture of 2014,' and while it was a tight race she came out the winner! - You told us why:

"The pure unashamed joy of her coupled with the bemusement of him is the essence of fandom. These two pics belong in a Hall of Fame!"

For 'Best Surprise of the Year' there was no beating Supes in his wet suit. Both his charity announcements (Durrell/RMCTF) got plenty of support, but it was Henry doing the Ice Bucket Challenge with Amy Adams, that got the most votes.

"I was losing hope that he would do the ALS Challenge, so when that came out, it made my day. My week, actually. I still watch this video more than it's healthy." 
(right there with yah!)

2014 started with the thrill of waiting for Batman v Superman to begin filming, and ended with a wrap in New Mexico and the painful realization that we have to wait until March 25, 2016 to watch it.

In between though, we got plenty of set and promotional pictures to keep us going, including our exclusives and some more great shots by @bananadoc.

And who can forget Henry as Superman in Star Wars... Blew. Our. Minds.

There was also Comic-Con, the *huge* Stratton announcement, and fan pics galore from Detroit, Chicago, London, then more Detroit, Chicago, El Paso and Deming. Oh, and don't forget Jersey and L.A. -- Henry gets around! (much respect, Superman).

Kaaaaaal! #SuperPuppyShoutOut

Last time we checked in with Henry was at the end of October, as he participated in the Gibraltar Rock Run. He had a message for you that you really want to watch, because it came from his heart.

Thanks for all your support for Henry and the blog in 2014. We look forward to bringing you much more on him and his projects and charity work in the coming year. Happy 2015 everyone!


  1. What a rollercoaster year for Henry! He was awesome, like always! My best wishes for him in the New Year! :)

  2. If Henry is in L.A...it's only 8 p.m. there...but I want to say Happy New Year early to him and hope he has a fun, relaxing night. <3 :) Thanks so much Henry, fans and HCN for sharing all the beautiful, lovely photos this year. We really loved looking at them...and look forward to more exciting times in 2015... (y) :) <3

  3. Yay! 2015 is starting off great already with a "Tudors" marathon on BBC America today! Apparently my entire day will now consist of switching between football and The Tudors. ;)


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