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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This Nerd.. (Is This A Test?)

A photo posted by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

Do you see what we're dealing with?

Your fans love ya, Henry.

Safe travels.

UPDATE 1/27: We just had the a-HA moment. Yes, slow to come around, we know. But first the ominous looking cover and then this pic?

Read up on Bizarro, cause we have a feeling he's SO COMING (maybe).


  1. Not a flattering photo to begin with from BvS. Distorted its worse. But Henry tweeted it so I guess its OK.

  2. where are you off to?????

  3. dork! that's why we love you LOL! safe travels to where ever you are going Superman!

  4. A theme is beginning to emerge. Where will these distorted images lead? Perhaps we should stay tuned.

    1. Give it a rest! There is nothing suspicious going on, he's having a little fun with his selfies.

  5. Superman to "face off" against Batman. Face off? Oh, face off. I see .....


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