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Monday, January 18, 2016

New 'Batman v Superman' Promo Image In Theater Merchandise

The battle we've been waiting for, is depicted in this top new image on display over at Golden Link Europe. The company provides theater merchandising. Thanks to lestoilesheroiques.fr for the heads up!

The products also give us a better look at the images below, which we first saw on the cover of the companion novel of Batman v Superman out next month.

Counting down to the DC Special on the CW tomorrow!


  1. oh my! that merch looks amazing! talk about hype! that's wonderful the countdown to March is on!!!! go Supes!!!!!!

  2. great images!

    Keeping fingers crossed reviewers praise him come March. This is a critical point for his career going forward.

  3. A bit nervous waiting on reviews. Affleck, Gadot and Eisenberg are being praised to high heaven while Henry is being put under the microscope and knocked. Its more anti-Superman sentiment out there in the popular culture than Cavill, but he is stuck with it.

    Prove them wrong Henry come March!

  4. @Anon 11:09, I don't know about those you mentioned being praised. At least I don't know about gal. How can you praise someone's acting when you don't even see them speak? Lol. I too wish the reviews are good but I'll see if anyway.

    1. Henry is called wooden in latest TV spot. Affleck is called great in spot. Please. Have these people even seen the spot?

      That is what Henry is up against. People assume and don't look.

      I'll see it despite reviews for Henry. The fix seems to be in on that already.

      Career wise this is not where Henry needs to be now. Time to move on to Bond.

  5. Yes to both Supes n Bond!
    Pple calling henry's acting wooden as Supes, clearly dun understand that supes in general is STOIC, there's a diff... anyways, i wont bother 2 say more. Haters gonna hate. I could care less. Im so broke come March... lol


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