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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Join Henry Cavill In The Durrell Challenge 2016

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is pleased to announce the launch of The Durrell Challenge 2016 with the support of...
Posted by The Durrell Challenge on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The official announcement is here!

Henry's next charity event is set, and we got all the details directly from Durrell:

The Durrell Challenge 2016 will take place on Sunday 15th May and will include a 13K race from St Helier to Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey. There will be plenty of entertainment at the Park after the event, including talks with the keepers, and the chance to learn more about conservation and the animals at Durrell. 

Durrell Wildlife Park will be open to all runners, their families, Durrell members, and visitors. Unique pop-up stalls will also be on site to showcase the best Jersey has to offer. To purchase tickets please visit doitfordurrell.com.

Henry Cavill in his role as an Ambassador will be spending the day at Durrell. 

Lee Durrell, Honorary Director of Durrell, believes this will be an important day for Durrell. She said, “We are fortunate in having an Ambassador who has become a household name, of course, but we’re doubly blessed because Henry is truly committed to the Durrell cause of saving species from extinction. He will inspire everyone he meets that day to back us. We are enormously proud of this on- going partnership, and all of us here are deeply appreciative of Henry’s dedication to and hard work for Durrell.” 

Henry with some of the merchandise available at cavillconservation.com 

The event aims to raise much-needed funds for Durrell so a special VIP invite is being extended to sponsors, prize-winners and high-achieving fundraisers. These guests will have access to the VIP tent where Henry will be based for most of the day. There will be food, a bar and live entertainment from some of Jersey’s top talent.

Henry Cavill said, “Regardless of what Lee says, I feel that I am the fortunate one, to be involved with so many dedicated people of such exceptional mind. I look forward to seeing you all there in May.”   

And again, like Henry mentioned in his message to you at the top -- someone is driving away in his first car!

There will be raffle tickets on sale soon at Durrell Wildlife Park for the chance to win a unique prize of Henry Cavill’s first car. This was his pride and joy when he bought it in 2002 after the success of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’  ---> UPDATE: BUY RAFFLE TICKETS NOW.

Want to participate in the challenge? -- Registration is now open.

For further details of how you can support this event please go to doitfordurrell.com

We look forward to bringing you updates on The Durrell Challenge as it gets closer. Let's do this!

All images: Durrell Wildlife.


  1. Awwww...his very first car. I remember my first car. Of course mine was a used Ford Escort. HaHa!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Wow...kind of sad to think somebody would have had a nasty response to this comment. People really need lives.

  2. Hope his hair grows fast. If its this short now he only has a month plus to have it grow in.If they start filming in March its going to still be too short for Superman and Clark for my taste.

  3. He's Superman, he can grow his hair in a sec,unless he has a clone who does that for him.lol

  4. Este hombre me vuelve loca, se ve divino así flaco, me muero,me fascina rapado.

  5. Translation for morochasound January 27, 2016 at 7:30 PM by Rebecca
    This man makes me crazy, looks divine skinny, I'm dying, fascinates me shaved.

  6. No creen que está muy delgado para hacer Superman? Es que aun con ropa de Clark Kent se veía musculoso. 😍😍😍😍
    Para Napoleon Solo no bajó tanto,seguía viéndose grande 😍😍😍😍. Y el tour de BvS? Igual,amo está look de niño bueno. Amo cómo le quedan los pantalones.

    1. Translation for morochasound January 28, 2016 at 10:59 AM by Rebecca
      Don't you think that he is very thin for Superman? The fact is that even in the clothes of Clark Kent he looked muscular.
      For Napoleon Solo he did not go down so much, still looked great. And the tour BvS? Still, love the good boy look. I love how the trousers look.

  7. I love him thin. He looks more natural this way and more flexible. I love the Theseus body. With that being said, Henry looks good no matter what.

  8. He looks the same to me... I mean yeah dark clothing does make one seem quite thin.

  9. Shouldn't he be working out for Superman by now? I am still worried about rumors I guess. Won't be totally calm until he actually shows up for filming.

  10. anon5:50. I'm worried too. He should be noticeably bulked up by now. It takes 6 months to do Henry has said. Filming is in March?? He looks great this way but not like he is prepping for the role.

  11. Where did you guys here that filming is in March? I know that preproduction for JL is going on now but that's about it. They'll definitely promote the film in March and I know it doesn't take that long to do but it'll be difficult to film then travel around the country/world to promote the film simultaneously, no?


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