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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

First Look At 'Justice League' Revealed Ahead Of Special

It's really happening!

We just got a first look at Justice League, and look who is front and center ;)

The concept art was released by Warner Brothers ahead of the CW special we've been waiting for.

Look for the video as soon as it's up.

UPDATE: No wonder he's the leader of the Justice League.. Supes is the man!


  1. Superman front and center! But, someone is missing? Green Lantern where are you?

    Unite the Seven!

  2. HCN I hope you get chance to post some or all of that special on your site :) seeing as I can't find it up here LOL! and doesn't Supes look smashing front and center <3

    1. Indeed, no Justice League without Superman! - I posted the BvS stuff, the rest we RT on twitter. Have a great day, Daniela.

    2. Right! defiantly not the justice league without him :) - Thanks for posting all that stuff as always you do an amazing job keeping up to date with all this!
      Have a great rest of the week!

    3. Daniela, someone has posted the special on YouTube. I don't know if it is accessible in Canada but it is in the UK, so worth a try.
      Rebecca xxx


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