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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy 5 Year Anniversary, Superman!

Leave it to Entertainment Weekly writer Mandi Bierly, to remind us of a HUGE day for Supes. Five years ago today Henry officially became the Man of Steel, with director Zack Snyder calling him "the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield."

And how lucky are we, to have a guy in the role who can't be prouder of being able to portray the iconic superhero.

EW's reminder of the milestone, has turned into a lovefest for Henry on social media.

"sherbertdowneyjr: I still have that EW and it's framed on my wall. That was the moment I became a Superman fan. So happy we have Henry in the role."

Supes is set to reprise his role in Batman v Superman, and Justice League. Congratulations Henry, there's no better man for the job.


  1. Translation for Twitter message Matías Lértora 7:49 PM - 30 Jan 2016 by Rebecca
    On this day, five years ago, it was announced #HenryCavill as the new #Superman. Endurance!

  2. God, he's gorgeous!

  3. Did they over photoshop this poster? It barely looks like Henry


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