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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Batman v Superman: Full Supes Character Poster Now in!

VOX Cinemas: "Try the #BatmanvSuperman augmented reality experience exclusively at #VOXCinemas MOE throughout this week!"

We've seen the cropped Supes character poster released by Henry a few weeks ago, and now here's the full version!

The bottom part is still covered by text since it was posted as part of the augmented reality experience Warner Bros UK teased earlier this month (hopefully we get the clean version soon). Check out how it works below.

Almost time, Superman!


  1. That's so cool. Batman v Superman is going to blow it out when it comes to the merchandising. I already have a huge list of stuff I want to collect based on this movie. So exciting!

    1. I'm buying everything! Seriously the hottest stuff is coming out for this movie. Going crazy!!!

    2. Lol! Awesome (smile)


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