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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Superman Has A Warning For Batman In New Film Clip

We got a chance to be part of the Conan audience, that got a first look at a new Batman v Superman clip. And here it is.. you tell him, Supes!

Director Zack Snyder was a guest on the show, and we wanted to be there to cheer as loud as we could for him. He looked pretty badass too ;)

We'll post his entire interview when it's up. UPDATE: Watch it now.

 Less than a week to go until the next preview, and we can't wait!


  1. This is encouraging. I was worried about the reports that Affleck totally dominates in BvS with Bats scenes added and Supes cut.

    The dialog we see from Henry gives a more complete scene. Affleck is a better actor but I don't think he dominated this scene. Henry holds his own.

    Hopefully critics will praise him for his performance.

  2. I'm making "the Bat is dead" the ringtone on my phone.

  3. He was great despite what some are saying. His doing an American accent makes the dialog seem forced at times. That's all.

    1. I actually think i heard his British accent slipping in the scene before he says "The bat is dead. "

    2. Every word, every inflection is being analyzed. No actor can stand that. I hope critics can get past that. Yes, his accent slipped through. That is why it sounded forced.

      This role is not the right place for Henry to be. Let him have his natural accent. Oh, say as Bond.

      I am dreading the reviews this March cause critics have it out for MOS and by extension Henry.

  4. I so agree with the comment about allowing Henry to have his natural accent particularly as James Bond. He is so right for that role (Bond) and came so close to getting it 10 years ago and now it appears that Daniel Craig may be done with that role. The time is ripe! I am more interested in Man From Uncle and James Bond franchises than Superman/Justice League ones as you can tell. I am reluctant to say that because it seems that Henry loves the Superman role so much. I am happy for him if he loves the Superman role and gets to play him as often as he desires, however.


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