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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cavill Conservation: Henry's New Post Is Up!

Henry first told us about the mission to reunite the last two Mountain Chicken frogs back in February, reaching out to his supporters for help to raise funds for the project. Today he shared an exciting update!

Read his post at cavillconservation.com and leave you message of support.

And if you haven't already done so, please nominate Henry for a Just Giving award. His recent involvement in The Durrell Challenge raised valuable funds for the charity which he represents.

He deserves to be shortlisted, and the nomination would spread the word about Durrell's incredible work around the world.

Thanks so much!


  1. I will do my every best to help out

  2. Why are they called chicken frogs? Chickens are another species and so are frogs are they a breed of both?

    1. Durrell has the perfect video for you that explains why it's endangered and called that way. Check it out. https://www.durrell.org/animals/amphibians/mountain-chicken2/

  3. Heidi there are some cool ways to help out! First you can check out Cavill Conservation, it's Henry's website linked to Durrell and it gives you links to donate, sponsor the animals that he has adopted or buy clothing from the CC store. They ship overseas, I love my hoodie and of course funds go to Durrell and it's endorsed by Henry himself. Trust me when I say the quality is great! You can subscribe to the mailing list and join in the conversation there too :)

  4. Go little froggies. Fall in love, make babies and live happily ever after ��
    Thank you for the update on their progress Henry and for caring.


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