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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Henry Talks Supes, In 'Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition' Clip

If you still haven't watched the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition.. you're in for SUCH a treat. Not just because you're going to love the new Henry scenes, but also because of the special features.

The studio has just released a new clip with Henry talking Superman, that is part of the Blu-ray extras.

Check it out!  


  1. Great! Clip :) love those extra features :) so curious question, did Henry's body guard ever act? Watching Furious 7 and it looks like him in the opening chase scene? Can't wait for BvS on blue ray :) thanks if anyone know :)

  2. He's right. Superman is far more complex and layered a character than many are willing to admit. And while it's not impossible to tell a compelling Superman story, it is virtually impossible to tell one that EVERYONE can enjoy...

  3. YEP...I agree, Henry & D.R. <3
    Thanks for sharing, y'all... :)


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