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Friday, July 8, 2016

Henry Teases 'Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition' BTS Footage

Supes being his funny self today, as he shared this really cool shot from the set of Batman v Superman in Detroit. But Henry is not joking about the behind the scenes included in the Ultimate Edition. We had a chance to watch the special features, and we promise it's two hours worth of awesomeness on top of the 30 extra minutes in the film. 

The Blu-ray is set for release July 19 in the U.S. -- The UK gets it August 1.  

HQ From Henry's FB


  1. after waiting 5hrs for the movie to download all i have to say is it was worth it! the extras are amazing and the extended version is great!!!! looking forward to getting the blue ray now LOL!!!! thanks for sharing Henry! you are one amazing guy and an amazing Superman!

    1. TOTALLY worth it right?? -- Really nice extras, and those additional Superman and Clark scenes are awesome.

    2. Oh my word!!!! I couldn't stop replaying it!!! The mountain one and the part where he calls his mom!!! OMG!!!! It's on perma replay LOL! Yes i'm that dork LOL!


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