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Thursday, July 21, 2016

DCEU At Comic-Con: Preview Night

We're at Comic-Con to bring you everything DCEU, and Superman is everywhere!

Last night was also the big reveal of Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet, and we got to bring you a first look from there as well. The fan experience is located at 6th and Island near the convention center.

We also got a preview of the DC Collectibles that will be on display at Comic-Con, some of them for sale, some of them coming soon.

 We spotted Supes all over the convention floor.

Keep up with our real time updates on twitter, and the rest of our social media. The Warner Bros. panel is set for Saturday at 11:30 am (local time), and we have a feeling a Justice League surprise is in store!


  1. Exciting stuff!!!! counting the days till I get my Ultimate Edition DVD and I can't wait for more!!!! Nicole :)

  2. WAITTTTTTT is comic con tomorrow?? AND.... will Superman be there as well as Batman?

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