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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

'Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition' Out On Blu-ray

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We hope you already have your copy of the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, because it's pretty awesome.

A few weeks ago we shared a sneak peek of the special features, and today you can finally watch it on Blu-ray in the U.S. -- The UK gets it August 1.

More bts clips have been released as part of the promo for the Ultimate Edition. Click on the links below to check them out..

And it's Supes galore (thank you very much) at stores selling the Blu-ray..

Here is a list of the retailers carrying the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition as of today.

Look out for special packaging or fun extras, like this super cool lunch box that came with the Blu-ray Daniela bought at a Toronto Walmart (lucky!) or the Amazon exclusive that Paula ordered online.

Enjoy everyone.


  1. I saw the ultimate edition version of the movie last night and it is far superior to the theatrical release. I went to BvS at the movies for Henry to support him. I could care less about comic books but I wanted the movie to do well for Henry. Its truly unfortunate that the ultimate edition is not what was released in theatres. The movie flowly well and it was very easy to understand what was actually happening in the fully fleshed out story. I encourage anyone who was disappointed in the theatrical release to watch the ultimate edition. Bonus, lots more Henry!

    1. I know right. There's less confusion and more in depth with the concept of the whole movie. But I think it's because the ultimate edition was too long it had to have some things cut out to fit the length of what was requested, so they left the extras for DVD.

  2. Just got the Ultimate Cut yesterday and boy is it a glory to behold! Special Features were just as cool, too! Love this movie, especially since there's more Clark/Superman scenes and scenes that make it clear that this movie is more about Superman and that Henry is the TRUE star!


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