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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Teen Choice Preview, Batman v Superman Tops Home Video Sales, UK Blu-ray

The night has arrived.

The Teen Choice Awards are set for 8/7c on Fox, and Henry and Batman v Superman are nominated in several categories.

You can stream the show at fox.com/live, or via the @FOXNOW app.  

Good luck everyone.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who voted for Henry and Batman v Superman. We came up short, but there is always next time!

The Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition is out on Blu-ray in the UK tomorrow, and this week it topped home video sales in the U.S. (via Variety):

The extended cut is available only on the “Ultimate Edition” Blu-ray copies of the movie, not the standalone DVD version, and the first week of release for “Batman v Superman” saw 70% of its copies sold coming from the Blu-ray format — one of the highest first-week Blu-ray percentages ever for a major theatrical release new to disc (the record is the 83% put up by “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” earlier this year).

Go Supes!

This week we're also getting a look at some really cool concept art for the film..

And IMDb gave a huge shoutout to Henry, by featuring him on one of their Comic-Con trading cards.

Finally, Clay Enos shared a new behind the scenes pic of Lex. We can't wait to find out how he's involved in Justice League, and how that affects Superman.

A photo posted by Clay Enos (@clayenos) on

There have been hardly any "fan" updates from the set of the film, mainly because most of Justice League is being shot at the Warner Bros. studios outside of London. However we did get a cool update from a coffee shop in a nearby town, that could end up in the movie.

We can't wait!


  1. Sweet i cant wait go henry win the award for superman... your the very best..

  2. You better win, Hen! Show your so-called competitors that only REAL heroes come out on top!

    Great to learn he's back to work on JL! I'm ACHING to find out the details of his storyline!

    1. Ikr. I don't like all this teasing... one little 5 second clip is enough for me, but no... let's wait till next year to find out.

  3. This is off topic: but if you haven't seen the Cara Delevingne rap battle on James Corden, go watch it now! LOL. Will Henry ever appear on James Corden as well? I want to see him rap.

    1. Thanks! - I'm not sure if anyone can make Henry sing.. Peter Travers has tried two years in a row. Pretty sure he can hold his own.

    2. Awe. One day.


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