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Saturday, July 23, 2016

'Justice League' At SDCC: First Footage, Official Poster, More!

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This was one memorable Comic-Con.

We knew going into Hall H, we were gonna see the Justice League cast, and maybe get a poster or a clip.. as it turns out we got both!

While director Zack Snyder showed us the first footage from the film (that they are still shooting in London), the first official poster was released online.

The Justice League presentation began with cheers from the crowd in Hall H, as Zack introduced everyone.. and left the best for last.

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Did we mention we also have an official site and social media ready to go??

November 17, 2017!!



  1. i want a hug to please :) that was amazing! seriously can't breathe how great all that was!!! so excited!!! thanks HCN for posting all those great pics and video! drooling now :0

  2. Stunning! Couldn't think of a better man to portray Supes.

  3. I did cry after watching the trailer! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE what I've seen and I can't wait. JUSTICE LEAUGE IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!! I loved the humour, Barry Allen I need friends I was like awwwwww.... Cyborg look bada**!!!!!!!! Bruce Wayne aka Ben Affleck is BATMAN! Gal as Wonder woman is just awesome her trailer too was breath taking. Jason MOMOA!!!!!!!!!! :O nobody is going to mess with AQUAMAN now lol. Zack Snyder thank you!!!! we've waited YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to see the JUSTICE LEAGUE on the big screen. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!!!! wow. We all know when Supes returns it's going to be a moment to remember. (I've pictured the team on the streets fighting, protecting people who are running from the parademons just when they think their losing the fight Supes rips through the skyline and lands. Cape flapping long hair blowing in the wind with the beard. Black suit (Or the classic red, blue and yellow). He looks at his team and just give the nod like lets kick some A**) I CAN'T BREATH NEED OXYGEN. Nicole


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