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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

HCN Exclusive: 'Justice League' At Comic-Con

We hope you've enjoyed our coverage from San Diego.

These are our exclusive pictures and video from Hall H, where the Justice League cast took the stage Saturday to present the first official poster and footage from the film.

You know who the loudest screams were for!

Don't miss everything else from that day, including Henry's fab prank on the cast of Suicide Squad and his "all-star" farewell: 1/2/3/4.


  1. Not that I'm surprised, but it's clear that Henry got the LOUDEST praise. That's really saying something!

  2. always nice to see the support that the JL has for one another! and of course Henry got the loudest praise he is one amazing Superman!! his love for that character shows with all the hard work he puts into Supes and all he does :) that's why we love him :)
    Nice pics HCN and thanks for sharing! and ummm...nice...ummm...working out Mr.Cavill ;)

  3. oOh jesus halleluyah he's just so insanely hot good grief! Just dhiosnosxiugBasWOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! I can't get over how incredible he's looking: someone save me please I actually can't cope!!!

  4. Nice A** in them jeans!!

  5. Henry always seems a little shy or reserved at events. bless him :)

    1. I think that's his overall personality tbh which is quite endearing. HC reminds me of myself where I'm quite timid and quiet at first then come out of my shell once I'm comfortable with people and situations.

    2. Reserved and gentlemanly!!!!

    3. I'm very much like Henry myself. I've always been a bit shy and reserved but that's how I've always been. Just getting to know everyone and figuring out who's who. I think Henry is adorable and very humble despite his successes. Can't wait for his return in JL Kal been missed


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