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Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Makes Henry Cavill A Great Man of Steel? + Latest Sequel News

Behind the scenes included in Man of Steel Blu-ray (via).

Now that many of you have had the chance to watch Man of Steel at home, we asked what you thought makes Henry a great Superman. This is what you had to say:

Teena Jakova on FB:

I can't pin point exactly what makes Henry perfect for the role but there is just something about his physique and his acting ability that makes it seem like the role and movie was written for just him. I honestly couldn't picture anyone else playing this role as well as Henry.

Paula Radell on FB:

His strength, his humanity, his vulnerability - perfect Superman.

whalezallday on Instagram:

"I think his dedication, kindness, and his sincerity in his acting and his daily life make him a fantastic Superman!" 

Thanks for your comments. We couldn't agree more and can't wait to see what Henry brings to his role, when he becomes Man of Steel once again in a few months.

And Superman is flying high in The Wrap's Inaugural Superhero Power Rankings. He comes in at #4:

Box office (6 movies): $1.4 billion

You can’t top Superman’s potential. Warner Bros. and DC have struggled to make Superman movies for the past decade. Some find the character too perfect — or boring — for a film when the aforementioned trio are plagued by character defects.

Yet the studio finally scored the hit it needed this summer. “Man of Steel” laid the foundation for many years and films to come. First up is “Batman vs. Superman,” in which Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Clark Kent opposite Affleck. The studio has plans for a Justice League movie, as well as offshoots for other members of that group. But a lot depends on Superman. If Cavill can anchor a major franchise and prove that Superman isn’t too boring for prime time, Superman could vault his way up this list.

We know Henry is anything but boring, so watch out Batman were aiming for your #1 spot. That's right, Batman was the top ranked superhero on the list (read more) but that's okay, because that only means more buzz for the Man of Steel sequel.

To the latest rumors, did a WB producer really just leak key info about Batman vs. Superman? you decide.

We do now know that Adam Driver has not been cast as Nightwing in the film. Watch him talk about it with Collider.

Gal Gadot is supposedly the front-runner for a role in the Man of Steel sequel, but who could she be playing? Screenrant breaks it down for you.

To the best story of the week. Batkid and the power of social media. It's a must read.

Batkid. Best Batman ever.

We leave you with some words of wisdom from Gary Miereanu, who hosted the Superman 75th anniversary Q&A in San Diego. If you don't have your copy of Man of Steel yet, what are you waiting for!

Stood next to for an hour during . He's only 0.01% less handsome on Blu-ray.

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