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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sexiest Man Alive: He Is to Us!

While People magazine didn't choose Henry as their Sexiest Man Alive, they did include him in several sexiest lists leading up to their big reveal tonight.  

With a hit film, those laser beam blue eyes and a jawline that could chisel away even the most hardened of hearts, there's no questioning Cavill's superhuman appeal. But even the Man of Steel isn't perfect, admitting to Details that his boarding school nickname was "Fat Cavill": "I bawled on the phone to my mom four times a day."

The Man of Steel star proves he doesn’t need any special effects to look like a bona fide Superman after a swim in the ocean in Spain.

Like we've mentioned before, to us Henry is the sexiest not just for the obvious reasons, but because of the person he is inside. We don't need a magazine to validate that. Keep up being your kind, good-natured, laid-back self Henry.. because that's what makes you truly sexy.   


  1. Seriously, those people from that mag need to have their eyesight checked!!

  2. I agree. I also find it funny that the photo they used to put him on the sexiest six-pack list was from a role where he was told to put on weight & look normal! It was between his super-fit roles in "Immortals" and "Man of Steel".

    1. ...but of course, he still looks fabulous in his version of "normal"!


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