Saturday, November 9, 2013

'Man of Steel' Live Q&A: Master Post

Just the Henry questions via

Host Kevin Smith had teased there would be some big reveals during the live event but no dice. However director Zack Snyder did get a little nervous when asked if they'd be back to film the Man of Steel sequel in Plano, Illinois. The Man of Steel fan page says it's so happening, plus it's discovered the fake name of the film and other spoilerish details. Filming updates to come!  

Yahoo later posted a wrap with some cool highlights from the Q&A & THR caught some interesting baby reveals.. if you want to call them that.. check it out.

In case you're wondering about the poppy, during the live event Henry (who comes from a military family) mentioned he was wearing it for Remembrance Day. The Man of Steel Blu-ray/DVD is out Tuesday in the U.S.

Via "needed more Henry" We all need more Henry. I would've done an hour on THE TUDORS alone with the man...

“I don’t think that kissing Henry [Cavill] can ever be described as disgusting” -Amy Adams

"But Henry smells good." -Amy Adams

Via "did say anything to you about MoS 2" Nope - he didn't say a word. He just showed me a pic that made my year...

“You hear that, Superman said he loved me” -

“Waking up every morning is pretty exciting when you get to play Superman” –Henry Cavill

caps via/via - a few more here.

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