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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chris Meloni To Henry: "I'm Glad You're Superman And I'm Not"

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In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Christopher Meloni talks about meeting Henry for the first time:

What's it like being a civilian in a superhero film?

I arrived on set and I saw Henry Cavill in his Superman getup in ninety degree weather and I was like, "I'm glad you're Superman and I'm not." [Laughs] I actually felt really great that, as a quote-un-quote civilian – even though I'm a military guy – that, instead of the usual Batman-save-us-from-the-bad-guys stuff, they incorporated humans to have some value too.

He goes on to talk about the buzz he may *spoiler if you haven't watched it* not be dead at the end of Man of Steel and much more. Read the rest at Rolling Stone.

Image via Warner Bros.

Over the weekend Henry, director Zack Snyder and Amy Adams participated in a live Man of Steel Q&A. Today the latest episode of DC All Access has more from Zack Snyder. He says don't expect Batman to be much like the one in the Dark Knight series:

"We're bringing Batman into the Universe that now this Superman lives in."

And guess who tweeted today for the first time since August?.. nice seeing him pop up on our timeline. Hopefully more tweets to come. Look for filming updates from us, as Batman vs. Superman gets closer!

Thanks for hosting the Fan Event!

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