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Saturday, December 13, 2014

That Henry Smile Gets Us Again, & Again, & Again..

Gibraltar was very good to Henry's fans, to say the least. From the moment he arrived to participate in the Rock Run, to the moment he flew out, Henry never stopped taking photos with fans. Grace Yome was among those lucky hundreds of people who got to meet him there. She shared her awesome pics with HCO, after she got a chance to catch up with him at a local Gibraltar night spot. Seriously, not one bad pic.. even the blurry one looks great. This is what Grace said after meeting Henry. We couldn't agree more. 

@GraceYome: "Henry Cavill is a great guy. Charming, very down to earth, considering he's Superman."

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos Grace!


  1. We true fans are missing updated pictures of Henry, when we will have?

    1. Thank you so much for your support. Unfortunately that is not an answer we can give. He's done with Batman v Superman and now taking a break. It's times like these when you really see how much he's spoiled us with the fan pics. As soon as new ones show up, we'll be sure to share on the blog.

  2. Some fans have let him down so can't blame the man for being a bit withdrawn ATM


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