Thursday, December 18, 2014

Exclusive Summer Candids: Henry & His Trainer In Detroit

Henry may have finished filming Batman v Superman in Detroit, but the pics from Michigan keep coming in. Okay, so it's more like we asked the photog who shot these beauties whether he had anything more to share (we're not beyond groveling, these are desperate times.. don't judge). Luckily for us, he delivered!

Randy Chiang tells us he shot these photos of Henry and his trainer, Michael Blevins, around the same time he photographed Henry in his Superman suit and got the best Kal set pics EVAH. Thanks Randy.

Summer, summer, summertiiiime!

Wouldn't you want to know..       

Thereeeee's that smile that makes your heart race.

And those Superman guns representing!

We don't know what's going on here, but carry on.. 

And we're moving! (that crosswalk wait felt like ages).

The reason the #tshirtlove tag exists. Seriously. 


Is that?? is he??? DONE. #deathbysexywhistling

See all the photos in HQ after the break (please credit Chiang if you share).


  1. Lovely pics...remembering the warm, sunny days helps you get through the winter at times. Thanks for sharing, everyone and HCN :) <3

  2. These pictures are great! They probably are annoying to some, but not me!

  3. Me neither... <3 :D

  4. Henry looks so good here... his gigantic pecs are bulging right out of his tshirt...

  5. Thank you for these photos. Especially now ! ( I'm selfish. I'm glad that Henry takes time for him ). Thank you again for these photos. I like the moment when he is realizing he has been bitten by a mosquito. Too funny ! Lucky mosquito ! I would have liked to be on this crosswalk.

  6. A Mosquito? lol He'll be scratching that itch for a loooooooooong time... :D

  7. Wait a minute! Does he train with Johnny Bravo? Lol!!!

  8. Whaaahaaa these pics are so funny. Thanks for sharing. Two beautiful man. But Henry is....♥♥
    greatings from the Netherlands

  9. HENRY... <3 <3 <3

  10. Two extremely good looking men walking around could they NOT have created a traffic hazard!


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