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Monday, December 22, 2014

Is The End Of 'Clois' Coming In 'Justice League Part 1?'

Okay, so we're pushing it with the headline, but you already know how we feel about a Superman/Wonder Woman hookup. In a recent interview Amy said there will be no drama between Lois and Diana Prince in Batman v Superman, but while talking to Moviefone, she's now also confirmed she's only "locked in" for one more film:

How many of these things are you locked into?

Locked?!? I'm trapped! [jokes] No. I'm committed through the next one. I know that.

So what happens in Justice League Part 2? wouldn't we want to know. For the record, this is just fun speculation, obviously the heart of the story will still be the interaction between the members of the Justice League. So who will be Supes' BFF?.. we kind of think The Flash and him would get along really well, we'd love to hear your feedback. Back to Amy, during that same interview she mentioned working with Ben in Batman v Superman, and we're trying reaaaally hard not to give her the side eye..

How was Ben as Batman?

He's hot! Sorry, Jen. I have the utmost respect for your relationship, but he looks fantastic. And the work that I did with him, I think it's going to be great.

Now again, we realize this is a shared DC cinematic universe, and we're gonna have to live with people talking about Batman's hotness factor for months to come, and that's cool.. we like Ben. But not you Lois, NOT YOU!

Amy has also been talking about how awesome it was working with Gal Gadot on Batman v Superman. Catch her fun interview with MTV below or at their site.

In the meantime we'll just be sitting here, waiting for that Batman v Superman trailer to drop. Hopefully sooner than later... news as we get it!


  1. I think we will be saying farewell to Lois in Justice League pt. 1 :(

  2. I don't know if Lois is interested in Batman, but she heard a rumor that Superman cheated on her so she's asking Batman what he knows about it

    1. Now *that* would make it a proper soap opera!

  3. Oh come on with the headline. It doesn't mean she's NOT in JL2. It simply means her original contract only had her up signed for 3 films which, by the way, is the standard movie-franchise contract.

    Henry Cavill was originally only signed for 3 movies, so technically he's done after the first JL, too.

  4. What she means is she is confirming the next movie out she will be in it for sure, she's not saying she only has one movie left. I know she and Henry signed the same number of movie contracts, so for as long as Henry is there, so will Amy be. WB has been planning an expansion for a while, and Amy being the huge star she is, they would have signed her on for as many movies as possible. Think of Lois as the Nick Fury of the Marvel movies. End of Clois, No. Zach and Deb Snyder devolped Lois and talked about her with nothing but praise. They're not going to throw away a star like Amy Adams. Remember at that press conference, they announced Amy, Ben and Henry as the main characters for JL. Don't panic, it's all in interpetation of what she said. And that title. Dude change it. Don't scare people. As for that whole "Clark cheating thing" no. They have a movie to cram in Batman, WW, Cyborg, ramifications of MOS, they're not wasting time with silly drama.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. It was starting to sound like Superman was done with Lois...

  5. Clark a cheater? lol

    Let's be honest, it's probably gonna be Batman who tries to get into Lois' pants and she's gonna play him for information, but before anything happens she's gonna be all "btw, did I mention that I'm into farmboys? Sorry, Bruce, but thanks for all the inside info, that article's gonna win me my 3rd Pulitzer."

    And in the end she'll probably make out with CK in the DP storage room. Like I'm 100% sure she did after the credits of MoS rolled ;)

    No one's gonna mess with Lois and Clark.


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