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Sunday, October 26, 2014

'Gibraltar Rock Run' Wrap: Congratulations Henry!

What a weekend it's been!

Henry along with his brother Nik, and trainer Michael Blevins took on The Rock of Gibraltar Saturday and pretty much crushed it. Henry is raising money for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund and you can still help him reach his target. We had a chance to chat with Henry and have that exclusive coming up (UPDATE: Watch our interview now), but first here's a wrap of our coverage.

Forces TV had a chance to chat with Henry and his brother Nik in Gibraltar -- Read their article and see a few more pics.

YouGIbraltarTV also talked to Henry and his brother. Watch at their site or below.

 "@tbag1973: Cant believe I've just met & spoken to Superman himself... ”

Images: Anusky and Eloise Leto. 

Image: Soraya Duarte, Gerry Rose

"@Steffy161: Great start to the day!!

And the fan pics kept coming! - this great selfie via @anusky84

We asked Henry if he'd say hi to his fans on Instagram, he was more than happy to oblige!

During our interview ;) -- via @cookiesilvi

The Daily Mail covered the Rock Run. Read their write-up, here are their awesome pics.

Henry also met with fans and fellow competitors at the top of The Rock

@PortRegisSchool: At the top #gibrockrun with Henry Cavill & proud to be raising money for #RMCTF #Superman! 

Image: Mrroberto1

Guess who else Henry, his brother, and Michael Blevins encountered?..

After the run, the participants attended a luncheon. And that meant more of Henry being gracious with his fans. They don't call him Superman for nothing. Sweetest man around.  

 Image: Rob Lennox

Images: Chereen Prescott

Some of Henry's fans flew in from neighboring Spain. Nice meeting you ladies!
Images: Tara Coumbe and Jordan Egerton.

A ton of more fan pics from the Gibraltar Rock Run

Credits via

More amazing pictures by Info Gibraltar/Lorraine Lima/HC Unofficial


@jillywalsh: "My pic after the race. He is sooooo nice!"

Jayd87brfc: "Me and Superman just finished the Rock Run." 

Image: shanmg24

Images: Sian Woodland, @RMWAGsCalendar

Image: @mjmitch93

Lee Spencer: "Me and Superman"

TomClement3388: "Gibraltar Rock Run with Superman."

We're not even half done, Next up, coverage from the Gala Cocktail Reception at the Governor of Gibraltar's residence. What a night.


  1. I AM Super Impressed with SuperCav-El <3 <3 <3...and His brother Lt. Col. Nik, his trainer Michael, the RMCTF and all the lovely fans and friends. This Rock Climb event/entire weekend celebrating the 350 years with the Marines was so well organized and orchestrated. I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful, lovely pictures, video clips, etc. It's all very heart warming and just further illustrate what an incredibly generous, kind, gracious, classy beautiful man Henry is (not to mention what great physical shape he's in to come in with the lead pack after 8 hrs. of jet lag!--He did the run exactly right)...and the weekend says many good things about all the people who were involved with the whole thing as well.

    What a special Day/Weekend/Marines Celebration for Henry, Nik, Michael, family and friends of all involved. Thank you so much, Everyone, Henry fans & HCN for sharing all the beautiful pics, stories and special details of everything that will be treasured and remembered forever. Henry is so handsome and such a beautiful man in every way. This whole thing was really really really Something Special! (y) :) <3

  2. Outstanding coverage HCN of the entire event. Love the photo of Henry holding a baby - I wonder why ;)

    1. Could it be because it doesn't get any CUTER than THAT? <3 <3 <3
      I want A Baby with Henry when I see him with one...and with lil kids. So sweet.
      All the new pics from the weekend that keep getting added to this page are so nice too.
      HCN, you've done an outstanding/beautiful job putting together coverage of this event/weekend and keeping us entertained and informed. Thank you to you and all the lovely fans/friends. (y) :) <3

  3. Great coverage! Thanks. Henry looked like he was enjoying himself.

  4. Great pictures ! Wish I could run with him!


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