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Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh Boy, This Wait Is Gonna Be Painful

We have been so busy covering the last few weeks of Batman v Superman filming, that for a minute we forgot what was coming after production wrapped. This weekend opened our eyes to the brutal reality: We're still 1 YEAR, 3 MONTHS, AND (about) THREE WEEKS away, from the Batman v Superman release.




So hold on tight to your copy of  Man of Steel and enjoy the Supes #giflove, because this wait is gonna be painful.. (that smile does make it a million times better). 


  1. I can only imagine how many comments you have had to delete this week. There are a lot of frustrated true fans out here. Really, we are true fans.

  2. Don't think you want to put yourself in the same category of those "fans" who we are about to report to authorities. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. With "fans" like that who needs enemies. Twitter will be the end of our civilization. Thanks for what you do!

    2. I agree. Also add Instragram, Facebook, 24 hour news cycle, etc.

    3. Sad thing is, social media can be used for great things. That will always be our focus. Thanks you guys.

  3. All choices have consequences..probably best to keep your name away from controversy for long term career success...

  4. Feel sorry for Henry. We live in a cruel world. Hope your ok xx


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