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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nothing Better Than Holiday Cheer & Superman

Image: Soph_Govan

Can those handmade ornaments be more perfect? love! -- Christmas is almost here, and we have something special planned for Henry, but we're keeping it under wraps for now.. let you know how you can participate soon ;) - In the meantime Durrell Wildlife has gotten a jump start on the holiday cheer, and we can't wait for the next cavillconservation.com update.

The park is also getting ready to throw a big holiday bash for the animals, and shared this cute preview. Like that has never happened at your house!

On the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund front, your donations keep coming in to Henry's fundraising page. We are determined to reach that goal for him, and hope you join us in that effort during this season of giving. These latest fan pictures during his Gibraltar Rock Run trip, remind us what a fitting ambassador Henry really is for the causes he represents. A man of honor and respect, but most of all, always kind to his fans.

Image: Tim McClendon

We had the pleasure of meeting Chris P. at the Governor's gala, thanks for your hospitality. 

No Grinch is stealing Christmas on this blog, we're all about the peace and the joy of the season, and supporting Henry all the way!

Christmas card by @CarletStafford


  1. That last pic of HC/Napoleon Solo is so yum.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all the lovely beautiful pics, updates, videos and everything this year, Yvette, HCN, HC, Zack, BvS cast & crew, Ben, Amy, Gal, Clay, Larry, Man From Uncle crew, Guy R., Armie, etc., RMCTF, Durrell Wildlife and all the lovely fans who shared pics and stories too. It's all very nice, special, fun, appreciated and will be remembered. I wish Everyone a happy holiday season...Thanks, All. (y) :) <3

    1. And just want to add that the fans of HCN/all these projects you've covered/people involved, everything, etc. also look forward to the upcoming news, promotion, fun, etc. for Everything that is to come in 2015. Nice work, Everyone who shared/contributed & HCN (y) :D <3

  3. Very good pics. Thank you. Where is Henry ? It is too hard not knowing

  4. Henry is on holiday , let's talk about 2015 and see what Henry will bring to us as an entertainer ;) ...,. I'm out on a night out in birmingham enjoying the night life thinking life is great if people just except me for who I am :)

    1. "The key is... living with yourself"

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