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Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 In Review: Vote For The Best Fan Picture

When you start a blog in support of an actor, you initially don't know what you're gonna get when it comes to fan encounters. Luckily for us, we struck gold with Henry. In our experience he's one of the nicest, most approachable stars with his fans. In fact some of our best posts have been fan generated, thanks to your pictures and stories after meeting Henry. As 2014 comes to a close, we're putting together a year in review post. We'd love for you to tell us, which was your fave fan pic of the year. Below are the finalists. You can cast your vote on the comments section, we'll announce the top fan photo in our 2014 wrap. 

#1 Gjonnyboy

"We laughed it up, we high fived, it was gang busters!"

We had seen Henry earlier in January with another Detroit fan, but it was Gjonny boy's story coupled with our first look at that purple Under Armour sweater that made this pic a finalist.

#2 The Super beard

This is a group entry, because there was just SO. MUCH. GOODNESS. that day

Automatically a finalist. No need to explain.

#4  Superman lands at LAX

Taha's story landed this hot pic on the list. "Henry definitely loves his fans." 

#5 The napkin misunderstanding guy and Henry reconnect  

Here's another group entry (told you Henry is THE BEST). What a night.

#6 Loud and proud

Alora just about made our year when she met Henry and was not afraid to show her excitement. Plus her story was the sweetest.

#7 Prince Charming aka Henry Cavill

This fan picture stands on its own merit. Jesssteff mentioned that she almost passed out when she met Henry. Can you blame her?

#8 Henry's sweetest gestures

These are gonna be tough to beat. When we saw Josephine's photo with Henry we nearly melted. And then came Ava.

#9 Batman v Superman: Texas Style!

That time when Henry was awesome with absolutely everyone in El Paso.. and we can't thank him enough.

Okay everyone, time to vote!


  1. Without question, #6. The pure unashamed joy of her coupled with the bemusement of him is the essence of fandom. These two pics belong in a Hall of Fame!

  2. Yes number 6 say's it all. Henry trying hard not to laugh and the girl just showing how Henry has made her feel. Lucky girl

  3. # 5 It Shows his Muscularity & Sense of Humor at the same time and # 8 That Shows his Sweet and Gentle side!!
    All Equals =a Flood of Sexy Attractiveness ������ J.O

  4. I Agree... <3 �� :D

  5. I get soft when I look at the Baby Pics... <3

  6. I vote for 8 the most adorable. Then 7 because he is irresistible / 3 because of the curls / 6 because I would do the same/ 9 because this pic is showing his humor. And I add this pic http://www.henrycavillnews.com/2014/07/jealous-dont-even-cover-it-new-fan-pic.html because I have just want to make him a big hug when I see this pic. I'm very jealous of the girl

  7. Okay, being that I live in El Paso...I know I should be voting for any of the El Paso meetings with fans, BUT my favorite, since I first saw it has always been #6. I laughed and laughed when I scrolled down the first time I saw the second pic with her. Because THAT is how I would feel. :-) Her arms up and his expression = perfect.

    *On a side note, that coffee house he frequented while he was here...I start each morning off with some of Hillside fresh ground coffee! (They also have sinful doughnuts and scrumptious sandwiches. Anyways, so I didn't get to meet him (and missed him by minutes once apparently) while he was here, but his trips there introduced me to one of my new favorite places to go in El Paso.

  8. Jen...At least you discovered where to get Good Coffee! :D Sometimes it's the little things. Thanks for sharing everything with us. I enjoyed the stories and pics from everyone (loved ALL the pics--it's hard to choose, they're all good...but probably #6!). Even if we don't get to meet him...at least we'll enjoy The Journey... :) <3

  9. This is one of my favorite Fan Pics... pic.twitter.com/KgKosPYMSK <3

  10. #6-It shows his big beautiful smile.
    #8-It is just too adorable.

  11. can't resist the babies. #8 for me.

  12. #8!! The baby pics just make me melt all the time. <3 So sweet!
    But, honestly, I could vote for everyone! lol

  13. It's impossible to pick just one entry because these pics show Henry's different sides/the many aspects we love about him. For me it's a toss-up among #2 (because he is DAMN sexy with that superbeard), #6 (because Alora's story is so cute and Henry's adorable and his curls are magnificent) and #8 (because. Henry and babies. c'mon)

  14. # 6 by far! Just look at her face!!

  15. #8. Pictures of Henry with babies are the sweetest. It cannot possibly be any more cute than that. <3


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