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Friday, December 26, 2014

Best Surprises Of 2014: End Of The Year Roundup

The start of a new year is always an exciting time at Henry Cavill News, because as much as we look forward to what we know is coming (Stratton filming, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. release, Batman v Superman promo) it's those unexpected announcements that leave us feeling like we just hit the jackpot, every time!

As we wrap up 2014, you've been very vocal about who should win Fan Pic of the Year. Now we want to know what was your favorite Surprise Announcement of the Year. Let us know in the comments section below, or reach out on our social media accounts. We'll include your picks in our year-end review. Here are the finalists.  

1) Henry becomes ambassador for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

It was a quiet Monday morning in late May, when the RMCTF tweeted the news that had us cheering for Henry. Not only did they announce he was their new ambassador, they also shared the video where he took on that role for the first time, launching the last leg of the Royal Marines 1664 Challenge. In July they gave us a first look at Henry as Clark, as he supported the charity from the set of Batman v Superman, and a month later we got to break the news that he was participating in the Gibraltar Rock Run (and what an amazing event that was). We can't wait to find out what 2015 will bring!

2) Henry and his 'Batman v Superman' costars surprise the crowd at Comic-Con. 

Okay, this wasn't reaaaally a surprise, since "Super Jedi" was a big clue that something was brewing. But the crowd in Hall H still went wild, as Ben, Henry, and Gal took the stage for the first time together -- and we got that teaser that fans are still talking about. The countdown is on for July, 2015.

3) Henry becomes the first ambassador for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Fund.  

Just when we thought the summer couldn't get any better, we found out Henry was throwing his support behind his hometown charity.. and it involved a cuddly family of gorillas! -- and bats, and tortoises, and some *clearly* starstruck lemurs. The best part? cavillconservation.com is just getting started!

4) Ice bucket awesomeness.  

One chilly Superman, all for charity, and we still can't stop watching.

5) Henry launches production company, and his next role is revealed.

Holy moly, this man just doesn't stop. After going straight from filming on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. to preparing and then filming Batman v Superman, in November we found out he's also taking on producing duties for his next film, Stratton. The movie is based on the books by Duncan Falconer, in which he'll play the action hero who's an operative of the SBS. Filming is set to begin in the spring, and Henry is already preparing for that role (and we're guessing the new 'do will stick around for that).

So there you have it, the five huge surprises we think made this year SUPER special for Henry's fans. Let us know which one was your favorite, as we look forward to whatever 2015 has in store for us. Go Henry!


  1. As an environmentalist, I'm looking from my point of view and so, voting for #3 and Henry as an ambassador for Durrell Wildlfe. It is seriously amazing what he is doing. While other celebrities promote 'Pepsi', Henry goes for biodiversity conservation. Bless him for his work. :}

    1. We completely agree. Very much looking ahead to 2015, and whatever projects this collaboration brings. Thanks for your vote!

  2. Wow..it is hard to choose. My vote is for Durell and Royal Marines. Henry is a great guy!

    1. Thanks for your vote, he really is a genuinely nice guy. We expect Henry's charity work to be a big part of our coverage next year, and we more than welcome it!

  3. I think it's between 2, 4 and 5 for me. I knew he would participate with the royal marines given his family connection to the organization and his constant admittal that he would've considered joining the military if his acting career fell through; and Durrell because it's in his home town. But him showing up at comic con with Ben and Gal (even without saying anything��) was awesome and him doing the ice bucket challenge because he was challenged by others so many times who know he'd actually do it? The Stratton thing was a surprise because we only know about BVS and MFU as his next confirmed roles. It seemed like Hollywood wasn't showering him with offers. Who knew he'd take matters to his own hands and develop a production company and develop his own opportunities? Good for you Henry!

  4. 3 because it was a surprise. I'm very happy that Henry will do something different from Superman. And that he will work with his brother. Then equally 3 and 4 because I like animals ( I'm very proud and more in love with Henry ) and because he was so cute and funny. I wish him hapiness, joy, heath and to spend time with his family and friends.

  5. Really hard to choose, but I vote for 3 and 4.
    3 because it's such a sweet gesture and you don't see celebrities going on about diversity or animals on their charities and that's just sad. Good job with that, Henry!
    And 4 because I was already losing hope that he would do the ALS Challenge, so when that came out, made my day. My week, actually. I still watch this video more than it's healthy. hahaha
    So, I guess this is it.
    Hope he enjoys his vacation! He certainly deserved it!
    Kisses from Brazil. :D


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