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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cavill Conservation: Henry's Surprise For His Batson, Ben

Henry's "Batson" is turning one, and Super dad had a special surprise for him today.. dig in Ben!

We were introduced to Ben late last year, when Henry met and adopted him at Durrell Wildlife.

At the Durrell Challenge in May, we asked Henry how Ben was doing. He told us "he's fantastic, and he's coming along nicely.." spoken like a true Batdad (watch at about 2:19).


  1. Aww happy birthday Ben, enjoy your cake! :D

  2. Happy Birthday Ben! wonder if that cake batdad made you was apricot cake ;)
    Thanks for re posting Henry's visit! that babe line was beyond adorable!

  3. 11-10 days until Batman Ben's birthday!

  4. Ha ha. Fabulous. Happy Birthday, Ben. Xx


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