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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Just When You Think Supes Can't Be More Super..

TravelbyHart: "Superman gives the best hugs! #henrycavill #travelbyhart #loveyourjourney #hollywoodkids #batmanvsuperman #justiceleague @henrycavillnews @henrycavill"

Jessica got to work on Batman v Superman, and today she shared with us the cutest pics of her kids getting THE BEST hug from Henry on set.

We're so proud to support him.

Thanks so much Jessica.

P.S. Zack Snyder.. bring back the curl!


  1. So, Supes comes back in the black rejuvenation suit and then joins the JL in the blue suit with a curl?! THE CURL!! I'm trembling with an ti ci pation.

  2. Right now, those kids have no idea how lucky they are!!!! When they're older they'll understand and more likely repost these on their future social sites.

  3. Oo so sweet..! Marry me Henry ,marry me...!

  4. I just melted. How sweet are those little ones xxx

  5. Super sweet! Beautiful...thanks for sharing, Everyone... :) <3
    SuperCav-El.....Love you <3 <3 <3

  6. Henry I need a hug like that too. �� Lovely photos of a special moment the kids will treasure in memories for a long time. What a sweetheart ❤

  7. Someone once said that Henry Cavill is as Superman as it gets. Seeing these pics and remembering the comics enforces my personal belief in this by 100%.

    1. It's crazy how much he resembles Superman I mean wow we're talking one's human and one is an animated character AN ANIMATED CHARACTER and Henry is the the spitting image it's unbelievable!!


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