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Monday, August 15, 2016

"This Gentleman Is Talented And Courteous"

"Always remember "Don't let your talent take you where your character won't sustain you." This gentleman is talented and courteous. Thank you @henrycavill for the photo and being so gracious. #manofsteel #manwithcharacter #superman #trinbagoniansareeverywhere #superendtoasupertrip #somuchtobethankfulfor" - (@christelchristian)

Reason #2099 why we support Henry..

Chris had only great things to say, when she met him in Jersey days after his Comic-Con appearance.

Thanks for sharing your lovely pic.


  1. Lovely pic & quote...Very nice...
    Thanks for sharing, Christen, Henry & HCN. :)
    SuperCav-El <3 U :D

  2. You are so right Chris. No wonder he has so many fans. A great talent but more importantly a wonderful person to those he meets

  3. Both look great. My grandma lived by th e exact same quote and lived a very interesting and full life pushing many boundaries of her talent as she could. xxx

  4. Sigh. He's such a dreamboat!

  5. Lovely pic and lucky fan. Even more in Jersey. Grey t-shirt and his grey cap. Henry, do you want to kill me ? Perfect


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