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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Newspaper's Shoutout To Durrell, Henry's Kind Gesture, Fan Pics

'Charity of the Year' is still open at JustGiving, and guys.. Durrell really deserves the recognition. Help us get them shortlisted!

Thanks also to Durrell, for sharing this cute article by the local newspaper..

"The lesser spotted A-list actor can be seen at Durrell whenever he's back in the Island, for he is a patron of the conservation centre. His diet is mainly protein, by the look of it." 

The last time Henry was seen in the wild at Durrell, he was supporting the charity by taking part in The Durrell Challenge (that's returning next year!). Cheryl was among the hundreds of runners who joined him, and she's shared a few new pics from that day.

"My favourite photo, Henry either laughing with me or quite possibly at me! Post 13k uphill charity run so not exactly looking my best either #henrycavill #superman #doitfordurrell #durrellchallenge #Jersey #ithinkimfunny#2016 #smile #crazyhair #laughteristhebestmedicine @henrycavill"

We first met Cheryl and her husband at the Siam Cup, and then caught up with them at The Durrell Challenge. They are the coolest Henry fans, which we're always so happy to hang out with.. did we mention we ran into them at Comic-Con?? -- See you next year you guys!

The work that Durrell does wouldn't be possible without their dedicated employees and passionate volunteers. So we're not surprised to see Henry taking the time to thank them for their commitment and support for the charity. Nice gesture, Superman.

This being Throwback Thursday, fans have been sharing their pics with Henry. The first one is from another of Henry's charity fundraisers for Durrell, The Siam Cup in May of last year.

A photo posted by @amyz24 on

Laura's photo is from The Rock Run in October of 2014. Henry participated in the race, to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charity. In October, Henry will be taking part in the Commando Challenge and you can join him!


  1. Awww!!! Love that he's #10 on their list :) he's #1 in my books :) and how sweet was it of him to send that bottle of wine!!! What a great guy! No wonder we love him :)

  2. There's a Silverback Ball in Jersey in 1 month time in aid of Durrell at the Jersey Royal Yacht Hotel.

    1. Thank you for the reminder! -- We posted a mention when it was first announced http://www.henrycavillnews.com/2016/07/world-nature-conservation-day-durrells.html but I'll mention it again this week since it's getting closer. Appreciate it.

  3. OMG he is really too much. This bottle of wine and his little note. He has got a good education. He is Humble with a big H. So wonderful to be is fan. Each day is more peaceful with Henry

  4. Lovely man, pics, news & fans. Thanks for sharing, everyone!
    Henry....Love your big heart..<3 <3 <3

  5. The Royal Yacht advertised it recently. FYI it's 80£ per ticket. :)

    1. Thank you! -- Here is the link for anyone interested. We'll post it on social media this week again. https://www.durrell.org/latest/events/the-silverback-ball/

  6. Don't forget to throw back to man from uncle :)

    1. Have something in the works for that too. Thanks for the suggestion.


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