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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Superman Enjoying Florida & Fans Are Getting To Meet Him

transneffjayce: "Wholesome food brings in wonderful people!
Henry Cavill stopped in our Weston Florida Panera Bread today! Grabbed a picture with Marvin while waiting on his order to be completed! @panerabread❤️#food#wonderful#healthyeats#lovelife#actor#stunned#greatguy#superman#manofsteel"

Marvin and Jayce had a chance to say hi to Henry while he's in Florida, and they got this cool pic with him too! 

On Tuesday the internet went nuts, after Henry popped up in Miami wearing a Green Lantern shirt. A fan also took a pic with him at the airport, and you guys have taken notice.  

Today The Miami Herald gave a heads up to the city that Henry is in town:

"The movie star (..) showed off a sweet smile and some major bicep action in a sleeveless Green Lantern T shirt (..) we’re glad to see the Englishman getting some sunshine."

Justice League is set to wrap in the next few weeks.

By the way, curlysuechick19 told us more about that awesome red shirt Henry is wearing in this pic:

"Thirty Seconds Out is an apparel company that supports a Vet with traumatic brain injuries. What an incredible company supported by our Superman."

Here is the link to the shirt Henry is wearing, via @Primula87_tmblr


  1. SuperSexySweetieCav-El <3 <3 <3
    Thanks for sharing, y'all!!

  2. The Miami Herald gave a shout out to HCN, too. Well done!

    1. It's a team effort! -- Support all around for Henry. Thank you so much.

  3. Why was my comment deleted I was just supporting you guys :(

    1. What comment? we haven't had to delete anything from this thread.. yet! -- Try it again, maybe it didn't go through.

    2. Oh I never checked if it had posted silly me lol. My comment was just me concurring with a poster above about how great it was you getting a mention in the Herald and just thanking you for all your work really. I'll remember to check from now on lol xx

    3. Really appreciate that. But all credit goes to Henry for taking the time for his fans. Thank you!

  4. Are you original from east or west? will you meet him again? and interview him again? there's literally no more videos of interviews to watch, i binge watched most of it yeserday because i was bored lol.


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