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Monday, July 15, 2013

San Diego Heating Up: Henry Cavill Is Headed To Comic-Con!

What did we tell you?!.. there can't be a Superman 75th anniversary celebration without the current Man of Steel there!

The Wrap just broke the news ;) ;) that Henry will be attending the big DC Entertainment party Friday night at the Hard Rock Hotel:

Unless you're staying in Tijuana to save money, you won't be able to avoid Warner Brothers. They long ago tattooed the entire town in a brilliant marketing coup by branding the key cards for most major hotels and owning the official "bag" that every attendee gets in a stroke of Social Media 1.0 genius.

In it's 8th year with a full blown presence inside the hall (they have 17 shows activating), their Friday night cocktails at, you guessed it, Float at the Hard Rock, is a more relaxed affair heavy on working press and talent. Think: summer press tour cocktail party.

The tempo will get a defibrillator’s shock at 8:30 P.M., when WBTV’s corporate sibling from the film division’s partner DC Comics invades the space for a celebration of Superman’s 75th Anniversary. Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder are coming, but the real VIP is a copy of an original "Action Comics #1”. That’s where Superman made his debut in 1938. It’s a loaner from musician Jack White.

There is also a Superman anniversary panel on Saturday that teases "Man of Steel talent" in attendance, and all sorts of rumors going around about a BIG announcement regarding the future of the Superheroes in the DC world.

We'll be bringing you all the action from Comic-Con, so make sure to follow us on twitter and Facebook for the latest updates. Go Henry!


  1. Can't wait to get the big news as well as stories on Henry's appearance at Comic Con. Thanks!

  2. Any idea when he'll get to San Diego :)


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