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Friday, July 12, 2013

Henry Named TV Guide's #1 Summer Movie Hunk

All you have to do is search under Henry Cavill on twitter, to know who rules the Internet with his hotness.

 The combination of a charming personality..

Sexy smile.. 

and a body everyone wishes they had, leads to the latest accolade by TV Guide. Henry is their #1 pick for Summer Movie Hunk!

"Henry Cavill is really, really filling that new Superman suit, and he is the only man that can probably do that right now."

You don't have to tell us that. Go Henry!


  1. Woo Hooo! If the ever was a true statement,this is it!What a bumper crop reward that was reaped for this Epic Summer Masterpiece!Of course, we're not blind,we see how Henry is the most devastatingly Handsome Actor out there now;but the Man just doesn't rest on his Gorgeous looks,He is a really Gifted, trained actor being a part of great cast!So Happy he was given another Destined chance to play this iconic role;I was glad to go broke for Our Hero,seeing it 6 times within the month.More roles heading his way and we're ecstatic!!♥♥♥Steph35wat@twitter

  2. The stuff on twitter is really hilarious!!
    But then a again, who can blame anyone, whether man or woman, lust after Henry?

  3. I hope he'll show up on twitter soon!


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