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Monday, July 29, 2013

Kelly Clarkson Says Henry Is Her "Free Pass" (Join The Chorus)

Singer Kelly Clarkson has always been very vocal about her.. affinity for Henry. And despite the fact that she's about to get married, she reportedly told Sony Music Nashville that's not gonna be a problem if Henry ever reciprocates her attention:

“He is my, my, my…what is it called when you have, like, your…with your couple, like…he’s my free card,” “He’s my free pass.”

In Style//Mariano Vivanco

“Henry Cavill is…he is blessed by God. God thought when…he was, like, just sittin’ around one day, on his cloud, goin’, ‘I’m gonna make something amazing,’ and he made Henry Cavill. He is so unbelievably good looking.”

“I love him as an actor. You know, he’s not like that pretty guy that, like, sucks at acting,” “He’s great! I love him. I’ve loved him since Tudors. I fell in love with him there ’cause he was friends with the king on Tudors." 

"Ohhh, he is so hot. And he is one hell of a Superman, y’all.”

And there you have it. #Fangirl SUPREME. And who knows, she may get her chance.. after all Henry just revealed to us in San Diego that he's a country music fan ;) 


  1. Kelly Clarkson is an awesome singer and so down to earth. I hope she meets Henry one day. She'd make him laugh alot I think with her sense of humor. I love her music and have most all her CDs so it's pretty darn cool that she is a HC fan as well. Hey, we have great taste in men what can we say.


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