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Monday, July 29, 2013

'Sexiest Man Of 2013:' Henry Embodies That Title In So Many Ways

Glamour Magazine just opened voting for The Sexiest Men of 2013. And while Henry is facing several popular contenders including the reigning champ Rob Pattinson, we think this is Henry's year don't you agree?

Let's just start with the obvious..

and his determination to achieve that sexy body.

 But Henry's sexiness is much more than that, like the way he disarms you with his genuine smile..

 or his sizzling stare..

and by just being sweet to his fans everywhere he goes.

Plus seriously, who looks THIS sexy pushing a grocery cart.

And yes, we find this incredibly sexy..

Yet that proud smile in Jersey, as Henry was welcomed home after his success in Man of Steel.. no topping that kind of sexy. 

And don't even get us started with Henry's relaxed sexy smile on the beach..

 and the ease in which he rode into the sunset.

And who knew Henry was a country music fan? that's a recent sexy reveal ;)

Even more so, when you add his English humor.. 

But in essence, we think Henry is The Sexiest Man of 2013 because he is humble, genuine, determined and talented. A hard to find combination that makes us his biggest fans. VOTE FOR HENRY NOW.


  1. Just wanted to say in an unbiased, impartial and truthful opinion, that Henry looks his best in his natural, unmade up, scruffy looks. Just my opinion, I see the personality beyond the physique which looks even better. Cheers! Patrice Joseph, Trinidad.


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