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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

'Man Of Steel' Instagram Provides Plenty Of Good Shots

It's no secret we just recently joined Instagram (yes, yes, we know.. late to the party). The first thing we noticed other than like a million pics of Henry, were these great new stills, artwork, caps and posters, posted by the Man of Steel account. Some are in better quality than others, and you might have seen them already, either way they're all pretty awesome!

If this pic looks familiar, it's because it's the image that was used in the official Man of Steel stamps issued in Henry's hometown of Jersey. You can order them here.

We love this artwork

And these posters

Well, hello there!

Wet Man of Steel???.. don't tempt us!


  1. Thank you! I've seen some of these but these are great!

  2. It will automatically launch the app and bring you to a screen where you can crop the picture and then choose filters. There are other options as well: borders, rotation, lighting. From there, just follow the arrows to publish!


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