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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Henry Poses With Fans In Calgary, Older Pic With Other Fans

lauraarbo ran into Henry at Calgary's Stampede 101.

This picture comes courtesy of Lainey and her reader Kate (thanks for the link-up!).

Ranchman's Cookhouse and Dancehall was excited to welcome Henry. They shared the autograph and message he left for them on their FB page.

Look who Parties at Ranchman's!! We are proud to have hosted SUPERMAN last night!

Hope Henry got in on the line dancin' fun ;) 

This one is not a new pic, but these fans apparently also met Henry in Canada.  

Lucky girls!

"Red" with envy!


  1. I'm gonna assume "yes", since the current one is ongoing. P.S. Mr. C in a cowboy hat- I need to go sit down.

  2. I heard his youngest brother Charlie is getting married this weekend and the bride is apparently from Canada. A little pre-wedding partying perhaps?

  3. Charlie and Heather get married this weekend- congrats to them so I am supposing HC will be there maybe in the wedding?? But its nice to see him enjoy some down time in Calgary. Never got there when I lived in BC. Oh well.

  4. B.C./Banff are so on my wish/bucket lists!

  5. Am I the only one picturing him in nothing but a Maple leaf? (He can keep the hat on.) ;-)

  6. wow, what a handsome cowboy! #yummy

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