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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Pics: Henry Spotted Hiking With Kaley In L.A.

UPDATE 7/14: WATCH THE NEW VIDEO (We can't resist a smiling Henry. Thanks Giulia!)

He's wearing his Gym Jones shirt :) 

Click for larger size 

Photos: Richard Beetham/Splash News Online

We love workout Henry! - read more at People magazine.


  1. don't like them as a couple. Sorry.

  2. Sorry But I see publicity in their faces. I don't see love!

  3. I don't see PR - wouldn't they be smiling at the paps?

    I see Summer Fling.

  4. PR, plain and simple. But I still adore Henry!

  5. PR for what? He's already gotten plenty of it. Come on, let him have fun.

  6. I think it's true now. I doubted it because I dod not see any photos but now...
    Why do you think it's PR?
    Henry does not need it. Kaley neither.
    Actually, it would have been better for him to stay single...
    Nah, he just likes her...very much...

    Arrrg, why always blond girls???? -_-"
    She already had Matt Bomer!! (ok, maybe just in the serie called "chuk" but...)
    Now, she has kissed the two most beautiful men of this planet!

    Hope the next is not Ian Somerhalder...

  7. Gina wasn't blonde. There aren't many choices, red, blonde, or brunette (or gray-LOL). It's merely coincidental Kaley is blonde too. I wish them the best of luck. Everyone is entitled to live life and have fun with whomever they like. I have to admit I am jealous. Wish it was me but that will never be. Darn it!

    1. Sweetie...what about black girls? :D With dark hair? :D
      A mixed couple... :)

    2. Actually, lot of American actors date blond women. That's not new.
      Moreover, one of his exes was Ellen, a blond girl. (yeah, again, and she looks like Kaley) According to an interview, he said he likes blond girls. (among a list of choices)

      Everyone can be with whomever they want. But it still hurts when you love someone who is with someone else. So...I won't say I'm happy.

    3. Guess I was considering african american in the brunette category. Sorry. Makes no difference to me. I was just saying that basically I thought it was coiincidental Kaley was blonde is all. Meant no offense. Anyway he isn't with her anymore.

  8. I agree Simba43! Let him live his life the way he wants to. We are his fans, we have no right to judge who he dates or why. I personally love them. I thinks she is funny and down to earth. Its fine to have a playful jealousy knowing that none of us would ever be with him. It's the twisted possessive jealousy that sends some so called fans over the edge. Love that he seems happy and having fun and he should be!

    1. We just express our opinion.
      Nobody control his life.
      We perfectly know it.
      But we're jealous, why to hide it?
      We'd rather see him as single.
      It's obvious XD

      (but don't worry, nobody is crazy enough to say to him what he should do)

      Anyway, I think like some others that he should have waited a bit before to hookup. When it's too fast it's not always good...
      He comes back and he's already with someone some days after? And knowing that he will be filmed almost everywhere with her and that a lot of (news and very numerous) fans will be jealous?
      He knows some people will be shocked by this sudden hookup and will dislike his couple.

      To be with someone days after the release of a new movie is not the best idea ever.

      Although it's still his right to do it, the circumstances are not good.
      To let him live his life does not mean he makes good choices. Even if it's his choices.

  9. Henry, if you ever read this, it is awesome to know how much your fans bring you joy and put huge smiles on your face. Please don't ever let that disappear and always stay humble, true and kind. For me,it's what makes you so different and attractive from the rest, you're truly unique in every way! You make me want to meet you even more as well just to see if you're really that original. Patrice Trinidadian.

  10. Hey, they are young,single and hardworking. They look like a perfect fit to me. Have fun you guys!

    1. Right on Anonymous! I think Henry has had a pretty hard working year...no reason he can't enjoy himself now and take it easy, spend some time with a new friend before he goes off to make another film. He just seems like a wonderful individual from everything I have seen in interviews. These days that quality in him is not something I see often. I guess that is why I am drawn to him....he's very kind, humble, respectable, and genuine. Best of luck to you Henry in everything coming your way.

  11. WTF!! Kaley is married since December 31!! Why does she feel the need to talk about her past relationships now that she is married? HMMM! PR!


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