Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Pics: Henry Heads Off To Sea At The Naples U.N.C.L.E. Set

We've been keeping you posted on filming on the Italian U.N.C.L.E. sets, and now we have a first look at Henry, who today was out in the waters off the coast of Naples.  

Click for HQ

A Jersey Island native, he certainly knows how to handle a boat ;)

judygayle55 flagged us about the outfit Henry is wearing. At least the top is by UnderArmour

retenews24 shared this great fan pic and story about what it took for Henry to get back on land for lunch while filming The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in the middle of the Gulf of Bacoli. A chopper took him to a ship, from which Henry then took a small boat to land at the port of Baia. The paper says "all this for some great coffee" that Henry enjoyed at a local restaurant. Henry reportedly told staff he'd be back with the rest of the cast. (Thanks Angela).

Henry suits up on set!


Henry was later spotted in his special forces outfit (?). Looking good Napoleon Solo!

@SunburnJules@HenryCavillNews I have to thank my boyfriend for that shot! :) Henry looked at him as he was taking pics and he greeted him :)

See the rest of her awesome set pics of Henry with fans & filming some cool scenes.

via ludoscarpati

A few more shots of Henry with Guy Ritchie on set & with his stuntman in the water (via).

Click for larger size

Stay tuned for more from Italy!


  1. Thank you SO much for all your efforts, the news, the updates, the amazing photos. You rock! :))

    And, holy s***, what a gorgeousness overload those pics are. But he looks so lonely and sad, our poor baby. I hope he is alright... :/

    1. Welcome! - more than happy to help spread the word about this talented actor and pretty cool guy. Thanks for the comments & support.

  2. Love your site and the great job you guys do.

  3. He has been looking so sad since this movie shooting started. You read all those stupid gossips about him fighting with Armie. Then you see him all serious/sad while Armie jokes with Guy Ritchie. Perhaps the rumors are true?

    1. oh come on. don't read so much into these. there are other photos on another blog where he's having lunch with Guy & they're walking to set & you can see Henry smiling. He's dressed in the all black outfit. It's no secret how serious he takes his work. And don't forget those photos of he & Armie hanging out together & the ones of Henry laughing it up with Armie. These photos are just a second in time.

    2. Also there are reports that Armie and Henry went out to local pubs all the time while in London.There are also pictures of one of their nights out.

  4. Hey guys, great job with all the updates thus far, good knowing that Henry is progressing successfully with his filming on this new movie. He has no idea I exist, but regardless, I'm also a concerned individual and I do hope that he gets through his obstacles. I gather thus far that he puts 110% into his work so I expect an awesome movie. Henry, wish I get the opportunity to make your acquaintance, you're doing great, keep up the great work....Hopeful Friend, Patrice Joseph.

  5. Our Henry is in one of the most romantic venues in the world. He takes his work seriously and we all know how good he is-he needs a lady to share his down time with-any one of us would volunteer to sight see with Henry and put a smile on his gorgeous face!


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