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Thursday, September 5, 2013

'Man of Steel' Promo Images From Henry's Japan Visit In March

We've seen Henry's message to Japanese fans, that he recorded while visiting that country in March. Now we have some promo pics from that day. Man of Steel is out in that country, opening at #2 last weekend. Go watch it again Japan!  


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  1. The main unspoken reason critics panned the MOS film, while movie goers mostly loved it, is because a good number of the movie critics are non-Christians irritated by the obvious parallels between Superman and Jesus. They felt this movie promoted Jesus in some not so subtle ways, which, of course, it did! Here are some: both are age 33 when they sacrifice themselves, Superman gives himself up to save the world just as Jesus did, young Supes turns the other cheek around instead of punishing his bullies, the scene in the church, the cross-like pose when Supes exits Zod’s spaceship to save a plunging encapsulated Lois, the Ministry Resources website set up by MOS producers for church pastors, etc.


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