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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall In Love With Solo: All You Have To Do Is Look At His History

So we've brought you the official press release, Henry talking about Napoleon Solo being a"charmer" and the latest location details, plus the first photo from the set of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Now we get into its background.

As you know the film is based on the popular 60s American TV series. But if you really want to get a feel for Henry's character Napoleon Solo, here are a few suggestions by an expert on the field.

...The Vulcan Affair (pilot, warning, not much Illya). The Quadripartite Affair/The Giuoco Piano Affair. The Never-Never Affair (..) 
simply 1 the best episodes.

You can rent the episodes online, but we've put together the teasers we could find from each individual one. All of them with plenty of Solo time.

The Vulcan Affair

 Solo puts on the charm in this clip from the same episode

The Giuoco Piano Affair

Aaand we're already falling for Solo (best part in the last 30 seconds or so).

More of Solo "the charmer" (Henry wasn't kidding), in this clip from The Quadripartite Affair.

And yes, even back then they had bloopers. Keep your eye on Robert Vaughn:

"Something is going on off-camera, and RV is responding to it. We're not supposed to notice!"

Also important to note.. Solo is wearing a tux in the clip ;)

We don't know exactly how much of the Solo from the 60s Henry will be applying to his interpretation of the character. When we asked him about it this summer, he was about to start doing his research for the role. Either way these clips definitely get us excited about The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - and no doubt Henry will bring his all to the role.

Bring it Solo.  

The Never Never Affair


  1. More trivia: in that party clip from Quadripartie, the chess player is Norman Felton (executive producer), the Texan (with string tie) is Sam Rolfe (developer-producer), the drunk with the loud sports coat is Richard Donner (director of the episode) and the writer on the couch is Joseph Calvelli (associate producer for the first half of the first season).

    1. Love it! --> HMSSWeblog means the clip from The Giuoco Piano Affair. Can't wait for this film.


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